Nurse triage program for employee care.


Nurse triage program for employee care.

When one of your employees is hurt on the job, providing prompt medical attention not only helps you manage workers’ compensation costs, but it also makes employee health and welfare a top priority in your organization. SilverTriage offers the opportunity to easily provide a nurse triage service, giving your employees immediate access to a trusted resource for medical advice and case management.

How It Works

When a workplace injury occurs, your employee can call the SilverTriage toll-free helpline, staffed by a Registered Nurse (RN), 24/7. The steps involved in the call process are available here. Bilingual, Spanish-speaking nurses are also available. If emergency care is needed, your employee will be directed to call 911. In non-emergency situations, the nurse will make an assessment of the injury and recommend a plan of action. Many times, employees are able to tend injuries with self-care following a nurse’s instructions. If necessary, the nurse may direct your employee to the occupational medical clinic indicated by your workers’ compensation insurer. For additional information, visit our SilverTriage FAQ or watch the video.


  • Staffed with RNs 24/7/365
  • Bilingual, Spanish-speaking nurses available
  • National relay center for the hearing impaired
  • Expertise in blood-borne pathogen exposure coordination
  • Recorded injury statements
  • Telephone/text message follow-up attempted on self-care cases
  • Seamless integration with other vendors, claims management and managed care services
  • Comprehensive point-of-injury reports transmitted within 15 minutes of call
  • Monthly trending and outcomes reports
  • Medical and pharmacy ID cards coordination
  • Branded, dedicated toll-free number specifically for your employees’ use


  • Employees receive immediate attention and care
  • Reduces lag time in first report of injury
  • Removes medical decision burden/risk from the onsite manager or supervisor
  • Care is channeled to preferred providers, saving on claims costs
  • Reduces medical expenses through fewer ER visits
  • Reduces employee time away from work, reducing loss of productivity and workplace disruptions



For more information about the benefits of SilverTriage or any of our other loss prevention solutions, contact our Retail Risk Management Team.