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Who's merging with whom?


Who's merging with whom?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are announced almost daily and are often an integral part of a company’s strategic growth plan. Unfortunately, many M&As have a hidden “Russian Roulette Feature” which, if not addressed upfront, could prove to be financially fatal long after a deal is completed. According to the Weekly Corporate Growth Report from June 14, 2006, “70% of mergers fail to achieve their anticipated value,” not because of a lack of vision or a strategic flaw in the process, but usually due to circumstances beyond the purchaser’s control. Unforeseen liabilities, inadequate safety and loss control or even unanticipated employee benefit costs can stymie revenue momentum and slowly undermine the value of the acquisition.

SilverStone Group’s M&A experts work closely with private equity firms, investment banks, law firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions and other organizations interested in growing through M&A. We believe that an important first step for any acquiring company is to conduct a detailed risk evaluation to identify potential challenges relative to assuming responsibility for a new entity. Our dedicated team provides the wisdom you need to strategize for success, by working with you to assess potential risk, implement necessary risk-reduction policies and follow through to a successful conclusion.

Because we are a full-service brokerage, our experts offer a wide range of services in property casualty, HR consulting, as well as group, retirement and executive benefits. All of these services are here under one roof, which means you get the answers you need when you need them. And all of our services are backed by professional due diligence designed to protect your organization’s current — and future — assets. Knowledge, a complete product line and outstanding customer service all add up to one smart way for you to conduct your business.

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