Risk Management Consulting

Every risk is different. So are the solutions we present in our risk management consulting.


Every risk is different. So are the solutions we present in our risk management consulting.

As your risk management consulting expert, SilverStone Group's primary focus is on exposures, risk and financial outcome. Before attempting to design an insurance program to fit a client’s specific needs, exposures must be fully identified, defined and the risks quantified; only then can decisions be made as to which risks/exposures will be retained, transferred or avoided. Once this step is complete, the appropriate insurance program(s) (coverages, limits, deductibles, captives, etc.) can be properly designed.

Tailored Risk Management Consulting

SilverStone Group's Risk Management Consulting Services are customized for each individual client. We spend considerable time getting to know your company, its affiliated entities, your specific exposures, contract risks, your appetite for risk and more.  As part of our risk management consulting process, we leave no stone unturned when seeking to understand your business and the risks you face.

Why You Need SilverStone Group's Risk Management Consulting Services

Our unique approach to risk management consulting will truly better your business.

  • To assess your needs -- In our risk management consulting, we will develop a detailed risk profile of your company’s operations, part of which deals with the uninsured exposures that you need to be familiar with. This risk profile becomes the basis on which your insurance program is structured and is used to develop specifications to market your insurance program.
  • To assess how well your insurance program fits your risk profile -- SilverStone Group will review your insurance program for adequacy of coverage and limits, proper deductible levels and perform a comprehensive review of insurance policy language and endorsements to be sure you have the best possible coverages.
  • To review and suggest changes to risk transfer/contractual wording in documents used in your daily business activities. Proper risk transfer is a key part of a properly structured risk management program.
  • To pay attention to the details of your insurance and risk management program that are frequently missed or misunderstood by your agent/broker.

When You Need SilverStone Group's Risk Management Consulting Services

  • When you need an independent, objective review of your insurance and risk management program.
  • When you want assistance in professionally marketing your insurance program.
  • When you want to examine the costs of your insurance and risk management program.
  • When you need assistance in evaluating risk associated with an acquisition, merger, divestiture, a new product line or business operation.
  • When you are dissatisfied with your agent/broker’s services, have outgrown their level of service, are over-paying them or want assistance in interviewing and selecting a new agent or broker to represent you.
  • When you want to investigate alternative methods of financing your insurance and risk management program -– self-insurance, larger deductibles, etc.

Risk Management Consulting Services Offered

SilverStone Group can partner with you to provide the following risk management services:

  • Detailed identification and analysis of exposures -- risk profiling
  • Detailed review of existing insurance policies and costs
  • Development of specifications and marketing of insurance programs
  • Assistance with the agent/broker selection process
  • Merger, acquisition and divestiture due diligence reviews
  • Review of contract documents for proper contractual risk transfer
  • Out-sourced risk management services
  • Cost allocation and loss projections
  • Monitoring of insurance company and agent/broker performance

Start Your Risk Management Consulting Services Today

SilverStone Group’s risk management consulting services are designed with a commitment to help you receive optimal coverage at the most economical price. Our consulting services are available as an ongoing service, temporary support for your in-house risk management staff or even as a one-time service.


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