Risk Management Tools




SilverStone Group has specialized in Workers’ Compensation programs since 1945. We employ different Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) models to fit the specific needs of each client and also work with them to implement Self Insurance, Large Deductibles, Single and Multiple Employer Captives and Guaranteed Cost programs.

Using several different Workers’ Compensation risk models, we help our clients understand their business metrics and how to develop strategies to minimize costs through a program called SilverComp.

SilverComp utilizes detailed reports to help our clients understand, track and ultimately lower the impact that losses can have on their Workers’ Compensation experience modifications. Our Safety and Claims Advocacy divisions provide us with resources to monitor our clients’ performance and suggest different courses of action when appropriate.

Perhaps the most significant benefit to our clients is our ability to tap into the industry knowledge we’ve accumulated over nearly 70 years. Additionally, our world class resources enable us to take advantage of the most current business analytical tools to positively impact our clients Workers’ Compensation costs.

Sample Claims Status Report - ABC Company
Claims Under Audit - ABC Company
Closed Claims - ABC Company
Future Modification - ABC Company
Reformatted Loss Runs - ABC Company