Your business is all about communicating - ours is too.


Your business is all about communicating - ours is too.

Telecommunication technologies change almost daily — telemarketing, voice and video conferencing, data transmissions, Internet technologies, call centers and computer technologies for land line and wireless resources have all evolved dramatically in the past few years. With new potential exposures, you need a risk management professional who can help guide you through the maze of potential risks associated with technology. The Telecommunications Team at SilverStone Group has the risk management solutions you need to grow your organization in the global marketplace.

Our telecommunications experts begin by analyzing the way your organization works and the challenges you face doing business in today’s wireless society. We review organizational safety practices, monitor claims and help develop strategies to reduce overall costs. We firmly believe that by helping you develop a process — and teaching you how to live and work within that process — you will gain valuable insight into the workings of your insurance program and, ultimately, gain better control of your asset protection strategy.

We know your business is listening to your customers’ needs. If you’d like a partner who will listen objectively to you, analyze your exposures, design appropriate coverages to fit your needs and monitor the overall results of your program, SilverStone Group can help. We’re here every day to make sure the lines of telecommunication remain open no matter where in the world you do business.

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