Real Estate

Real estate is more than land.


Real estate is more than land.

It’s an industry that comprises property management companies, property developers, real estate investment trusts and hotel management groups. And it’s a dynamic industry in which everyday risks co-exist with more complex challenges, including environmental liabilities, partnership and contractual obligations and increasingly stringent lender requirements. The unpredictable nature of the industry means that new exposures may develop at any time — risks that require the expertise of well-informed insurance professionals.

SilverStone Group has proven itself to be an expert in the real estate industry. Our dedicated staff has international experience, and a global network of advisors, partners and markets to help identify, quantify and manage risk, and provide cost-effective global solutions and industry-specific risk management services. It’s not enough to offer comprehensive solutions — what sets us apart is our unparalleled service. Because we know that every client comes to us with different needs, we tailor our products and services to fit them.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition not only by offering superior products, but by customizing the following services:

  • Unparalleled loss control and claims advocacy services:
    • Analysis specific to location, state, type of incident
    • Claim intervention/negotiation & advocacy work on behalf of our clients
    • On-site safety services, including designated property inspections for management
    • On-line claims reporting system through a personalized portal on our website
    • Licensed TPA to negotiate settlements under self-insured retentions
  • Benchmarking rates & limits purchased by class of property business
  • Catastrophe planning & MPL forecasts
  • Proprietary program in London with one of the top manuscript property forms in the world
  • Domestic & international market relationships
  • Educational seminars for property managers

We look at the real estate industry differently than our competitors. We see our clients as people who need to know what is happening every step of the way. We begin our process by analyzing the program in place, and then we “dig” to uncover areas of potential risk that the current broker may not have brought to their attention or may not be able to cover. We then work with the client to develop solutions, making sure the lines of communication are open at every stage. Our real estate team has the knowledge and experience necessary to bring the whole package to the table — analysis, design and platinum service, and it doesn’t end with the placement of coverage. We develop client relationships for the long-term. We’ve built our business on a legacy of excellent service. We call it Wisdom at Work.

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