Professional Risk Services


Our Professional Risk Services Team includes human resource consulting experts, attorneys and professional liability specialists who provide dedicated guidance and develop strategies to assist our clients with risk management. We use data analytics gathered from our own research to help companies understand the true costs affecting their bottom line.

Each time we work with a new client, we begin with an assessment process to demonstrate the financial impact our services can have across the entire spectrum – whether we are working with clients in the healthcare, education or legal industries, or organizations with professional and reputational risks. The data on how risks affect performance, before and after, is a tool we use to help new organizations prioritize finite resources. For larger organizations that want to actively self-insure or manage primary exposures contributing to excessive loss, we bring direction as to which activities will have the greatest return on investment. When warranted, we have helped organizations develop “captive” solutions for financing traditional insured and uninsurable risks.

The healthcare experts on our Professional Risk Services Team have a specialized understanding of the risks and exposures that are unique to the medical industry. Our expertise on matters such as cyber liability positions us to provide effective solutions to protect against the biggest threats facing healthcare professionals in day-to-day operations. We are familiar with the best practices to manage risk and understand that the greatest defense isn’t insurance, but rather ensuring staff members are thoroughly trained and serve as the first line of defense against potential loss.

Our Professional Risk Services Team also includes legal malpractice specialists. We have an exclusive partnership with several carriers and are therefore able to provide the best risk management solutions to law firms. We are dedicated to educating legal professionals about the most significant exposures across the industry, as well as claims trends, best practices and risk management strategies. We know that a claim can impact much more than a firm’s insurance costs and that is why our services are geared toward clients prioritizing prevention once they see the entire cost quantified.

SilverStone Group’s Professional Risk Services Team can help companies change the way they think about risk – exposing the greater impact that non-insurance risk dollars have on results. Everyone wants to lower costs; we simply demonstrate a new set of costs, whether indirect or hidden, and more transparent costs they can do something about.

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