There are no magic solutions.


There are no magic solutions.

With the expansion of the global marketplace, today’s manufacturers are challenged to produce quality goods while holding down costs. SilverStone Group’s Manufacturing Team specializes in the manufacturing, meat processing and printing industries. We know how chaotic your world can be — with staffing problems, delays in the delivery of raw materials, financial stressors and a host of other potential headaches. Most of all, we understand how important it is for manufacturers to have adequate Property, Products Liability and Workers’ Compensation coverages. And because workers’ compensation claims are one of the most costly exposures faced by manufacturers, we begin by addressing the root of the problem — safety management.

Our experts develop an overall strategy to help reduce claims through comprehensive safety training and the development of organizational safety practices; we continue the process by periodically monitoring claims activity, and we’re there with suggestions to help you mitigate claims costs. Our experience shows that when you begin with a strategic plan, monitor progress on schedule and follow up on implementation, you learn how to create successful outcomes and take control of your insurance costs.

SilverStone Group is an industry leader whose goal is to make sure you receive the proper coverages and exceptional service you deserve. Other agencies may promise great coverage, but they can’t beat our experience in the industry or our dedication to excellence. If you’d like a partner who will listen objectively, analyze your exposures, design appropriate coverages to fit your needs and monitor the overall results of your program, SilverStone Group can help. You’re not alone out there. You have our wisdom and expertise beside you all the way.

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