CARE Series


What is the CARE Series?
The CARE (Caregiver Aptitude Readiness Evaluation) Series is a unique and multifaceted battery of assessments designed to select caregivers and match them with clients. The assessments are based on data collected from thousands of caregivers from some of the most successful in-home care companies across the country.

CARESelect-logoCARE Series Select is a 20-minute online pre-hire assessment designed specifically for the selection of caregivers. The assessment uses a multimethod approach by using three types of selection techniques (biodata, situational judgement tests and behavioral-based interview questions) to determine candidates’ scores on retention, safety, productive work behavior, integrity, role awareness and impression management. Assessment results are based on rigorous research linking the items to detailed, independent assessments of job performance, turnover and workers’ compensation claims. Behavior-based interview questions are generated based on concerns identified from the assessment results.

CAREMatch-logoCARE Series Match is a post-hire assessment designed to match caregivers with clients based on common personality characteristics and interests. The online assessment is taken by the caregiver and is then matched against a paper-and-pencil needs assessment answered by the client (or their family) to identify the most important characteristics needed for a successful pairing. The assessment results are based on well-established questions that focus on characteristics and interests most desired in caregivers.

Why use the CARE Series?

  • Reduces turnover (on average, the direct cost of turnover for hiring one unfavorable caregiver is $2,500)
  • Reduces the likelihood of experiencing a workers’ compensation claim, including insight into potential fraudulent claims
  • Based on rigorous research focused specifically on in-home caregivers
  • Multi-method approach provides stronger validity than other hiring assessments
  • Provides a benchmark to compare your candidates with thousands of other in-home caregivers
  • Increases the quality of caregivers hired, which directly increases revenue
  • Minimizes operational and opportunity costs
  • Matches clients with caregivers based on compatibility reducing absenteeism, increasing client satisfaction and loyalty as well as employee satisfaction and retention
  • Offers a unique selling point to clients, differentiating you from your competition and enhancing your company’s reputation

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CARE Series Select FAQ

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