In-Home Care

You work to protect those who need your help. We work to protect you.


You work to protect those who need your help. We work to protect you.

In times past, it was not uncommon for several generations of a family to live together either under the same roof, or at least in close proximity. Over the years, however, as economies changed and families became financially independent, the extended family concept gave way to the nuclear family. In today’s society, especially in America, many children live hundreds or thousands of miles away from their parents. And grandchildren may only see their grandparents a few times in their lives.

What happens when an elderly family member becomes unable to care for him- or herself? With children and other relatives so far away, who will help? And even more compelling, are children willing or able to provide the safety net needed? Opening one’s home to an aging parent may be possible, but what if Mother has memory problems and cannot be left alone during the day? Or what if Dad has chronic medical needs that require specialized daily assistance, but not necessarily institutionalization? These are some of the challenges millions of families face each year.

The fact is that not all families are able to care for a senior in the home. But help is available from in-home care organizations. Several excellent franchise care providers offer a wide variety of services, from daily companionship visits to expert nursing care, customized to meet the individualized needs of the client.

As Baby Boomers age, many may encounter mobility problems, some may become unable to drive and others could find that the need for specialized medication makes it a challenge to live on their own. No doubt most will prefer to stay in their own homes, but if help is needed, the caregivers affiliated with home care service agencies are trained to provide services that help seniors remain as independent as possible.

SilverStone Group’s In-Home Care Team is passionate about providing services to the aging population. As a family-based workplace, we honor those who came before us and worked hard to keep our organization strong. We understand the special needs franchise healthcare service providers have and we work closely with franchisees to assure that their insurance needs are adequate for the exposures they face while caring for individuals in non-institutional settings.

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