The healthcare industry is constantly changing. We make sure your insurance keeps pace.


The healthcare industry is constantly changing.
We make sure your insurance keeps pace.

In the healthcare profession, expectations are high and perfection is the minimum standard of care. You expect the same high standards from your risk management advisor. At SilverStone Group, our nationally-recognized Healthcare Team has the ability to offer custom-designed, cutting-edge solutions for your most complex insurance needs.

Serving the healthcare community is what we do. We work with physicians’ and dental offices, hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers and medical product manufacturers/distributors, and we focus on any business within the healthcare industry that has specialized risk exposures. Since business risks are complex and, for the healthcare industry, our client contacts wear many hats, we try to make it easy to maneuver the risk management process. That’s why our experts analyze your business and then present you with options in easy-to-understand language. We like to think of our Healthcare Team as a partner who wears the risk management hat when you can’t.

Our team is keenly aware that the medical field is constantly changing. That’s why we work every day to build our knowledge base by researching risk management issues, attending seminars, being involved in trade associations and networking with other industry experts.

Because we focus so intently on more severe exposures like professional liability and work-related injury, we’re sensitive to each client’s specific needs. Occasionally, we find that a client’s needs cannot be met by existing products. We can then work closely with carriers, including directly through brokers at Lloyd’s of London, to develop proprietary products that provide a custom-fit solution.

We also have expertise in the delicate matter of medical malpractice. We are experienced with the entire client spectrum — from solo physician and dental groups with small offices, to multi-state health systems. This unique perspective enables us to give knowledgeable advice regarding the various exposures that affect your business. Our on-staff loss control and claims experts are always available to help with safety issues and claims resolution.

Our focus is not simply to find an insurance product, but to work as a team, seeking ways to prevent, avoid, minimize or transfer business risks for your organization. That’s how we do business. That is Wisdom at Work.

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