Success Outcome


For the past four years, SilverStone Group provided risk management solutions for a local manufacturing company with locations in Iowa and Kansas. This year, the client negotiated the purchase of a company in another state. Because this acquisition was important to the future growth of its business, the client recognized the need for a broker who would deliver on the promise to guide and help with the process, especially with the issues of adding new employees and handling payroll for a different state.

Because SilverStone Group worked quickly to assure a smooth transition, the client was very pleased with the outcome of the purchase. SilverStone Group's close carrier relationship allowed the new entity to be added to an existing policy, with a considerable savings in premium and increased coverage and limits for the insured. Since that time, our Safety Team has conducted onsite visits and offered recommendations regarding safety issues and OSHA requirements. The Safety Team has also provided support to update and create new employee handbooks for both locations. This collaborative effort is one of the strategies used by SilverStone Group to provide value-added services that create winning solutions for our clients.

The combination of service, expertise, knowledge and the ability to meet the client's needs helped SilverStone Group gain the trust and confidence of the company. As a result, we continue to handle its property and casualty needs. This year, SilverStone Group added employee benefits to the client's program and is currently assisting the company with its defined benefits plan. SilverStone Group is positioned to provide multiple services under one roof -- and that is exactly what we did for this happy client!