Success Outcome


A large Midwest helicopter operator was a new client of SilverStone Group's Aviation division. This client was challenged by the insurance policy requirements that affected third-party recurrent training for flight crews in his turbine fleet. The requirement increased the organization's financial burden due to the cost of outside training but, more importantly, left the organization short-staffed because pilot training was conducted offsite.

SilverStone Group's Aviation Team was asked to design solutions. Working with the client, we conducted a detailed review of the in-house training programs and the manuals used for maintaining regulatory compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration.

In-depth research was completed on the manufacturers' approved training programs of third-party vendors. With our Aviation Team's knowledge and experience, we generated a detailed report giving accurate comparisons between our clients' training and that of the manufacturers and third parties.

We approached the insurance carrier with our report, which showed that our client's annual training procedures equaled and, in many cases, exceeded those offered by the manufacturers.

Our advocacy resulted in carrier approval of our clients' training program to meet the annual training requirements for the policy, saving both time and cost for the client.