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Cyber Liability

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. - Ben Franklin


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. - Ben Franklin

Cyber liability is more important than ever. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Our dependence on the Internet and network systems has resulted in a notable increase in cyber incidents and loss exposures. A cyber attack (such as a data breach or hack) can cause significant damage in the form of business interruption, lost revenue, legal fees and costs related to forensic analysis, customer or employee notifications and regulatory fines and penalties.

SilverStone Group has dedicated its resources to this evolving niche for more than eight years. We can leverage our experience to help clients address this risk at every level. We have written professional articles on this developing topic and we regularly provide continuing education to various professions, including accounting and law.

Cyber Liability Insurance
Hacks, ransomware, breaches – all of the terminology used to describe cyber threats can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, the word “cyber” is ultimately used to describe the protection of information, or lack thereof. Likewise, the term “cyber liability insurance” is used to describe a broad range of coverage. Cyber liability insurance is quickly evolving to respond to the ever-changing risk landscape. View a current snapshot of cyber liability coverage.

Cyber Risk Management Consulting
SilverStone Group has developed the Cyber Liability Strategic Risk Management Assessment. Our methodology is simple. We work with you to analyze your business operations to uncover the hidden cyber threats you can’t see on paper and customize strategies to address key exposures identified during this process.

A fundamental part of the assessment involves the identification and quantification of your organization’s cyber exposures. Once we identify your exposures and determine how significant they are, we can better assess what is and isn’t insured. We then help you communicate this information with stakeholders and advisors so that those involved in IT and operational controls can more strategically focus their efforts.

The Cyber Liability Strategic Risk Management Assessment, led by our Professional Risk Services Team, provides the foundation for designing an insurance policy that is right for your organization.