Success Outcome


Clients cannot always advocate for themselves. SilverStone Group steps in and works diligently to assure that every client receives the best service and appropriate resolution to problems. A large national property client with locations throughout the United States sustained a wind claim in September 2008 when Hurricane Ike made landfall in the mid-south.

The storm struck six properties owned by the insured in Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio, and the claims were assigned to various adjusters in these different regions. The insured's property coverage was subject to a $50,000 per occurrence deductible.

Luckily, the damage to five of the six properties was not severe and the adjuster wrote estimates below the $50,000 deductible, thereby advising the insured that they had no claim.

SilverStone Group's Claims Team then requested a conference call with the six independent adjusters and the supervisor for the insurance company. The team presented a very compelling reason why this should be considered one occurrence under the policy -- the fact that these losses were all tied to one weather event, Hurricane Ike, and not six independent weather events

The insurance carrier finally agreed and the insured was able to collect $163,577 prior to the deductible. If each claim had been adjusted with a separate deductible, the insured would have collected only $32,000.

A new client experienced significant longstanding problems with the high frequency and severity of workers' compensation injuries. Management asked SilverStone Group's Safety division for help.

SilverStone Group began working with the client on a routine basis and conducted frequent and thorough inspections of all work locations. The Safety Team discovered that the organization's safety policies were inadequate to protect workers. As a result, all safety programs, policies and procedures were reviewed, revised and updated. Working closely with the client's safety staff, SilverStone Group facilitated extensive employee training and education.

Through these diligent efforts, the client has experienced a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of workers' compensation claims every year. The improvement translates to cost savings for the client and a much safer work environment for the employees.