H.H. “Red” Nelson Award


Our H.H. “Red” Nelson Award is presented annually to one or more associates for their outstanding achievement in Client Service. Congratulations to our past recipients listed below.

1999Steve Cockrell1999Donna Zach
2000Mike Ehmke2000Renee Nolte
2001Ryan Sanders2002Michele Rutherford
2003Nancy Edelman2004Joan E. Emond
2004Pat Hiller2005Lisa Johnson
2006Barb Dale2006Scott Simon
2007Kathy Leith2007Jacqueline M. Schulte
2008Amy Carr2008Nancy Milledge
2009Debbie Marsh2009Suzie Hurley
2010Brett Sesker2011Rachel Buser
2011Tim Huber2012Sarah Simmon
2012Barb Hoffman2013Nicole Edmundson
2013Carol Gonzalez2014Amy DeJong
2014Amy Mitchell