SilverStone Group | 2017 Annual Leadership Conference Sponsor


SilverStone Group | 2017 Annual Leadership Conference Sponsor

SilverStone Group is the leading provider of Risk Management services to the In-Home Care Industry. Our philosophy is grounded on the premise that the success of your business is inextricably tied to the quality of the employees you hire. The services that we provide ensure that you have a competitive edge in the hiring, training and retention of those all-important employees.

From our pre-employment assessment tool (CARE Series) to our injury reduction training videos and Nurse Triage Service (SilverTriage), as well as our easy-to-implement return to work program, our resources are there to help you show you have the wellbeing of your caregivers at the heart of your priorities.


By increasing employee retention rates, reducing workers’ compensation claims and the added client demand for your high quality caregivers, your revenues and profit margins should grow nicely.

Finally, we complement these services with a tailor-made insurance program designed by SilverStone Group. We have ten of the leading home care insurance companies fighting for your business. Let us fight for you!   

For more information, contact:
Derek Smith, In-Home Care Program Manager
dsmith@ssgi.com or 402.964.5645