When an accident or injury involving a customer occurs at your business, a quick response can go a long way toward mitigating loss. With SilverStone Group’s FirstTouch program, you can count on a prompt, reliable response.

How It Works

Once we are notified of an incident, we will determine the level of risk involved based on the information provided. The incident is then assigned a status based on that risk level, and we will attempt to make direct contact with your customer to address the general liability situation as soon as possible.


  • Multiple reporting methods available for onsite reporting, including a mobile app
  • Direct customer contact made on your behalf
  • Identification of correct liability placement
  • Claim report management
  • Claim handler involvement, including review of notes, diagnosis and disposition
  • Claim closing management


  • Ensures consistent, thorough reporting
  • Reduces claims and loss through immediate intervention
  • Identifies correct liable parties, avoiding unnecessary costs

For more information about the benefits of FirstTouch or any of our other loss prevention solutions, contact our Retail Risk Management Team.