GASB Assist

GASB, OPEB, AMM...Let us sort through the acronyms and give you meaningful results.


GASB, OPEB, AMM...Let us sort through the acronyms and give you meaningful results.

GASB Assist, a division of SilverStone Group, is a leading provider of actuarial and related consulting services to governmental employers large and small.

The Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued Statements 43 and 45 to require most governmental employers to quantify and disclose the value of non-pension post-employment benefits, also known as “other post-employment benefits” (OPEB).

How We Assist Governmental Employers

GASB 43 and 45 Compliance

  • Provide valuations, financial disclosures and reporting needed to:
    • satisfy GASB 45, whether employing the Alternative Measurement Method (AMM) or actuarial valuation.
    • satisfy GASB 43, for OPEB plans administered as trusts or equivalent arrangements.
  • Prepare forecasts of related plan and actuarial values.

Actuarial Consulting

  • Design or modify post-employment benefit plan provisions to:
    • manage current and future OPEB obligations
    • achieve overall strategic and financial objectives
  • Evaluate and implement a trust to pre-fund OPEB obligations

Let us do the work!
With GASB Assist, we strive to provide your valuation results / reports accurately, on time and prepared and reviewed by experienced professionals. While other firms may charge slightly less than GASB Assist, you may find that you are responsible for completing most of the work.

Regardless of the service package you select, GASB Assist makes every effort to minimize the amount of preliminary work required. Qualified actuaries — not an automated, online tool — manage the process, conduct your valuation and generate your reports.

With GASB Assist, you can count on our qualifications, experience and commitment to clients.

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