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Simplifying Healthcare Benefits: There’s an App for That!

Smartphones seem to be organizing our lives one app download at a time. We can deposit checks, order groceries, get fitness coaching and socialize all from our mobile devices. This convenience and accessibility inspired the creation of HealthJoy, a comprehensive healthcare guidance and engagement platform. HealthJoy is designed to simplify healthcare benefits, lower costs and increase benefits satisfaction.

SilverStone Group understands the value of optimizing the benefits experience for both the employer and employee, so partnering with HealthJoy was a natural step. We live in a tech-driven, on-demand world, so it makes sense for employee benefits to operate that way. This app helps eliminate the frustrating complexities often associated with healthcare benefits – and so much more! To find out why we are so excited about this partnership, keep reading.healthjoy

A Better Benefits Experience
HealthJoy provides employees with expert guidance to help them make better benefit decisions. It integrates employer plan information with a virtual assistant that gives members access to:

  • Medical professionals (with the ability to write prescriptions) 24/7
  • A healthcare concierge to assist with scheduling appointments, recommending facilities / providers, reviewing medical bills, etc.
  • A digital benefits wallet that houses updated benefit cards
  • A team of medical billing experts who can review and negotiate bill corrections
  • Prescription savings recommendations
  • HSA, FSA, HRA and 401(k) support

With HealthJoy, employees gain instant access to quality care. All of its providers undergo a screening process based on guidelines established by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). HealthJoy’s intuitive design makes accessing and using benefits easy. Employees can get answers to benefit questions, resolve claim issues, get medical device help – the list goes on! And users can rest easy knowing that employee privacy and security is a top priority. An employee’s information is never shared with their employer, and HealthJoy’s data is protected with 256-bit encryption and complies with all federal HIPAA regulations.

Perks for Employers
In addition to increasing benefits satisfaction for employees, HealthJoy helps contain costs by encouraging better benefit decisions. The app routes employees to lower-cost care options and medications, which can cut claim amounts and save companies money. In fact, its doctors have developed a proprietary algorithm to help identify potential savings.

HealthJoy can reduce an HR team’s workload (and stress) because it can address many benefit questions. It can also improve employee productivity with time-saving resources like telemedicine, a healthcare concierge and even prescription delivery. Additionally, employers will gain plan performance insight with access to real-time data regarding activation, telemedicine usage, program savings and more. HealthJoy’s account managers can even assist with strategies to improve performance.

A Win-Win
Healthcare benefits shouldn’t be too complicated to use. HealthJoy makes them accessible and understandable, all through a convenient app that empowers users to make better decisions. SilverStone Group is excited about this technology and the impact it will have on employees and employers. For more information on HealthJoy, visit or contact our Group Benefits Team.


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