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Group Wellness Activities for Improving Productivity

The idea of providing opportunities for employees to do yoga and engage in other health-related activities in the workplace would once have seemed highly irregular. In today’s competitive environment, however, businesses are finding that maximum productivity depends on having a healthy, motivated workforce. Here are four effective and popular group wellness activities that you can introduce into your organization to strengthen your employees’ morale and boost their productivity.

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1. Company-Wide Yoga Sessions

Most jobs involve some level of stress, and providing yoga sessions during the workday is one of the newest and most-effective ways to relieve that stress. Promega Corporation, a biotech company in Wisconsin, uses yoga to create a corporate “culture of wellness.” Promega’s chief medical officer says: ”If you create a culture in which vibrant physicality is an admired thing, you’ve achieved a lot. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.”

2. Healthy Office Snacks

When you stock your office with healthy snacks for all of your employees, you’ll find that their focus and productivity will stay strong throughout the late afternoon hours. Not only will a steady supply of healthy food keep your workers focused on their tasks during the workday, it will also increase their overall energy level during the evenings, allowing them to experience a healthier work-life balance.

3. Gym Memberships

Encouraging your employees to visit the gym at least 12 times each month — and helping pay for them to do so — will result in higher productivity, improved morale and fewer employee sick days. This encouragement can be very affordable for your company: Even a modest reimbursement of 50% of fees, up to $250 per year, results in three times more workers sticking with their physical fitness regimens.

4. Standing Desks

Companies, like Google, that offer employees the option of standing desks are finding that their workers’ energy levels stay higher throughout the work day.

Research demonstrates that, when standing desks are introduced, overall productivity increases by 10%. Furthermore, working while standing is better for posture, improves concentration and reduces headaches. One worker even reported that using a standing desk helped him quit smoking.

Learn more about how you can benefit from increased productivity through offering group wellness activities. Contact Cara Kirsch for information on workplace wellness.

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