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Rachel Bussey
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April 30, 2019
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Cheers to 15 Years of SilverLink!

Advisors. Consultants. Analysts. Risk Managers. Service Specialists. Account Managers. Client Advocates. Our Associates have many different titles, but they all have one thing in common. And that’s you.

Our readers are our clients, our prospects, our business partners, our family and our friends – and the reason we do what we do. Sharing our expertise is more than a job to us – it’s a passion. We know our services can impact people on both a personal and professional level, and the SilverLink provides us a colorful and thoughtful way to share our knowledge and connect with readers. It truly is our link to you. 

This year marks the SilverLink’s 15th anniversary. Over time, it has expanded in authorship and evolved in design, growing from a small, booklet-style print into a magazine that is read across country. To celebrate, we’d like to take a peek back at its beginnings and share its latest and greatest transformations.

Back Then…

In 1998, SilverStone Group Associates collaborated on an eight-page, black and white marketing piece that included the latest news on employee benefits, risk management and human resources. The original publication had five contributors and an editorial board comprised of Associates from various specialties within the Firm. Layout and design were completed by a third party and copies were released on a quarterly basis.

This marketing piece was intended to serve as a brief summary of industry happenings, but by early 2003 it had grown in length and complexity. That year, design was brought in-house with a dedicated team to handle layout and editorial work. The SilverLink became an efficient platform to pool and communicate the Firm’s growing expertise.

Silverlink – the Magazine

In September 2003, the SilverLink underwent an extreme makeover. Inspired by a client publication, the Duncan Debrief, John H. Nelson (President) and Michelle Miller (Director of Marketing & Communications) began collaborating on new layout and design ideas. They spent weeks developing a new direction for the SilverLink. When they were finished, the old, brochure-style publication nearly tripled in length and was formatted to traditional magazine standards. The new format included an artistic cover, a dedicated table of contents and a creative layout for every article, as well as high-quality, out-of-house printing and binding.

The SilverLink became an impressive marketing tool for our Associates and a valuable resource for our clients and prospects. In 2007, it transitioned to three releases per year and received another redesign to improve the flow and cohesion of the growing publication. The new layout established a more distinct look that brought greater focus to the article titles and table of contents. This forward motion continued in 2011 when SilverStone Group rebranded the company with a fresh logo and an updated website. Layout for the SilverLink reflected this new, modern look, with crisp lines and clever graphics.

And Now…

Over the past 15 years, the SilverLink has completely transformed. The articles are tailored to educate our growing readership on the topics that are most important to them. Before it’s printed and delivered to our nearly 5,000 readers, the content is thoroughly checked by a dedicated editorial board. This team is headed by Rachel Bussey, who has been our Lead Editor since 2010. Each article is carefully written and reviewed to provide accurate and relevant information. Articles now get dual exposure, first through the printed copy of the SilverLink and then as blog posts on our website. The content can reach even more readers through web hits and appearances on our social media platforms.

Although the SilverLink is, in large part, an educational tool that explores important issues across our various divisions, SilverStone Group regularly dedicates the cover to an outstanding client with a feature story. In fact, the inaugural issue was dedicated to the client who inspired the magazine’s initial transformation – Duncan Aviation – with company leaders photographed in front of the famed Lloyd’s of London building.

We also take the opportunity in each edition to recognize the accomplishments of our own Associates and provide an update on various internal happenings. This includes promotions, employee kudos and the latest initiatives from our Wellness Activities Group (WAG). The SilverLink provides a unique space for our Associates and clients to stay connected with each other, as well as with the industry as a whole.

Better with Age
We strive to improve with every issue. We go after new design, layout and editorial opportunities whenever we can, all while trying to impart valuable insight to our readers. We plan to keep this momentum going and are excited see what the next 15 years have in store. Happy 15th anniversary, SilverLink – cheers!
This article originally appeared in the 2019 | ISSUE ONE of the SilverLink magazine, under the title “SilverLink – Cheers to 15 Years.” To receive a complimentary subscription to the SilverLink magazine, sign up here.
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