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In the world of corporate America, the perpetual goal seems to be to climb the “ladder of success.” This hustle can become isolating when we think in terms of competition, self-advocacy and how we define “success.” Finding a person or group of people who support you and whom you support not only alleviates that isolating feeling, but actually provides more opportunities for career growth than you could ever find on your own. Fostering this support system is exactly the purpose of Ignite!

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From a very young age, boys and girls aren’t treated the same. We have a history of setting different behavioral expectations based on gender. Boys are allowed to act one way (rowdy and wild), while girls are supposed to act another (prim and proper). These adolescent stereotypes have had a powerful effect on the adult workforce. They’ve snowballed into preconceived notions that unfairly impact men and women in professional environments, especially when it comes to workplace hierarchies. The fact is, women in leadership are viewed differently than men.

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