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Figuring out what will happen to all of our assets when we die can be time consuming. As a result, many people simply avoid it altogether. Breaking news – everyone eventually passes on, we just don’t know when! It could happen today, tomorrow or decades from now. The fact is, death is certain and it’s important to prepare for it. With more than three decades of estate planning experience, I’ve seen it all. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that procrastination reigns. People don’t want to deal with death, so heirs are often left with a veritable scavenger hunt, trying to sort through their loved one’s assets and figure out what he or she wanted done with it all. You don’t have to burden your heirs with such an emotional and time-consuming task. Below I’ve outlined my pragmatic list of things to do from both a financial and non-financial standpoint.

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The good news is that you’ve done well financially and established a sizeable net worth. The bad news is that you now have some tough estate planning decisions to make.

High net worth families need to consider whether they should begin gifting assets to their children and grandchildren now, or retain the assets until death and then distribute. With the convergence of income and estate tax rates, parents and their advisors need to analyze numerous and competing variables when implementing a wealth transfer plan that meets their financial goals and needs.

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