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Change is in the Air
The transition to a new administration often creates the expectation for change – change in legislation and policies that, among many things, could significantly impact the way businesses operate in the United States. Most would describe the Trump administration as “employer friendly,” which has caused speculation that federal oversight regarding employment practices liability (EPL) will be less aggressive under our new President. Sounds like positive news for employers, right? Well, not so fast.

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When onboarding new employees, we often rush through the paperwork so employees can get started with training and on to performing their jobs. They are often handed stacks of paper that include requests for basic demographic information, W-4s and benefit enrollment forms. However, one of the most important forms that new employees need to complete is Form I-9. This form is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired in the United States. A revised version of Form I-9 has been released. Here Is What You Need to Know!

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The trucking industry is facing a major problem that is putting freight carriers at risk. A severe driver shortage is prompting many trucking companies to recruit and hire whomever they can find – some even making job offers to students who have been in commercial driver’s license (CDL) training for only a matter of days.

This often means that experience and good driving habits aren’t major factors in the hiring process. Before hiring the first available applicant, we urge you to pump the brakes and consider several strategies that could help you find and retain quality drivers. This extra effort can go a long way toward building a stronger fleet and reducing your overall risk.

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