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SilverStone Group is serious about Associate wellness. So serious, in fact, that we have an entire volunteer committee that develops and executes programs to support Associate well-being – all backed by our executive leadership team. Our Wellness Activities Group (WAG) is excited to announce our partnership with Virgin Pulse (VP) beginning in 2019. VP is a total employee well-being solution that drives sustainable, long-term behavior change, strengthens workforce cultures and increases productivity.

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Wellness programs are subject to a variety of complex and often ambiguous federal rules and regulations that make wellness program administration a challenge for even the most astute employers.

Two recent lawsuits highlight the regulatory complexity surrounding wellness programs: AARP versus EEOC and Acosta versus Macy’s. Employers who sponsor wellness programs (or who are thinking about implementing a wellness program) and wellness program administrators should take note of these lawsuits. The AARP lawsuit could impact the future design of wellness programs that offer incentives. The Macy’s lawsuit underscores the need to pay close attention to the wellness program requirements.

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The idea of providing opportunities for employees to do yoga and engage in other health-related activities in the workplace would once have seemed highly irregular. In today’s competitive environment, however, businesses are finding that maximum productivity depends on having a healthy, motivated workforce. Here are four effective and popular group wellness activities that you can introduce into your organization to strengthen your employees’ morale and boost their productivity.

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