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For those who own an aircraft, you may have noticed increases in your 2018 aviation insurance renewal. After a decade of declining rates, premiums are now trending upward.

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Enriched technology and better pricing have sparked a recent surge in drone manufacturing and use. As more of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) take to the skies, many business owners are beginning to wonder if drones could help take their business operations to new heights. Every day, people are finding new uses for UAVs across a myriad of industries. From real estate, marketing, engineering, mining and gas, to construction, mapping, utilities, insurance, government, education and meteorology – UAVs are proving to be useful tools that can provide a wide array of organizations a real operational advantage. So is it time for you to consider purchasing and operating a drone for your business? Before you make that decision, it’s important that you first understand the rules and regulations applicable to the business use of a UAV.

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