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Author: John Sutton

Would you accept a financial contract from your bank that required you to pay a term interest rate of 150%? Of course not – that would be an unfair deal! So it is a bit puzzling why so many business owners accept highly unfavorable terms when it comes to their workers’ compensation policies. When claims go unmanaged and experience modification factors are left unchallenged, policy premiums can skyrocket. The good news is that workers’ compensation is one of the most controllable lines of risk.

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Owning your own business can be an exciting challenge. The stakes are often high, but the rewards can be great. When managed strategically, companies have the potential to develop into profitable businesses that experience continued growth and success. This can translate into comfortable and secure futures for the owners and the employees. However, it is important for business owners to have a clear, in-depth understanding of the risks tied to their businesses. A thorough risk assessment can help business owners identify vulnerabilities and protect their companies from financial downfalls resulting from unprotected liabilities. Is your company protected from the wide variety of risks and exposures that exist in today’s business environment? If you can’t respond with a confident “yes,” then you need to keep reading.

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