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Author: Brett Sesker

Wellness programs are taking on a new role in organizations throughout the country. They have evolved beyond basic gym membership reimbursements and health screenings into robust programs that make total well-being a top priority.

Companies are getting more creative and competitive with their wellness plans in an effort to develop a corporate culture that fosters a healthier, happier workforce. If you are looking to breathe new life into your current wellness program, or if you are just getting one started, then this article is for you!

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When we shop for important things such as cars, appliances, and electronics there is a natural tendency to stay with what we know from past experiences and buy the same brand and model. It is a safe, dependable decision that we can feel good about. When it comes to insurance plans, many people have the same decision-making process and want to stick with “something and someone I know”. Again, a safe decision but maybe not the right one as we move ahead in the new work of benefits. The Affordable Care Act has changed the way we think of all our insurance plans, not just medical.

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