Wellness Activities Group

Healthy Living = Think Positive + Eat Better + Feel Good + Exercise Often


Healthy Living = Think Positive + Eat Better + Feel Good + Exercise Often

WAG Mission Statement
Strive to provide a healthy work environment that encourages growth by fostering exceptional programs and services to Associates that effectively promote well-being, quality performance and community involvement.

Practice What You Preach
A great leader never asks his followers to do anything he is not willing to do himself. At SilverStone Group, we encourage our clients to offer wellness programs for their employees, just as we do! We like to apply our Wisdom to our Wellness too!

Our Wellness Activities Group (WAG) Committee, established in 1986, is comprised of these volunteer Associates who give their time and talent to promote the wellness initiative for our Firm -- Pictured left to right: Ashley Thomalla (HR Consulting), Jerald Scott (Accounting), Mark Matthes, Co-Chair (Corporate Services), Hailey Spillman (Property & Casualty), Chad Tremel (Group Benefits), Joan Emond (Corporate Services), Nick Leinen (Group Benefits), Annamae Jones (Personal Insurance), Cyndi Wenninghoff (Human Resources) & Michelle Miller, Co-Chair (Marketing & Communications).

Because we understand that good health is the cornerstone of happier, more productive people, the WAG program offers educational opportunities that promote the health and well-being of our Associates -- and their families.

So every time a SilverStone Group Associate recommends the addition of a wellness initiative to a client's benefits program, there's a wealth of firsthand experience behind the suggestion. We know wellness works because we're doing it! That is Wellness at Work.


Well  Workplace Award

SilverStone Group was honored with a Platinum Well Workplace Award for 2017 by The Wellness Council of America for addressing employee health in the workplace. Driven by a pre-defined set of worksite wellness criteria, organizations of all kinds compete to be recognized as one of America's healthiest companies. Since its inception in 1991, more than 900 corporations, healthcare systems, public agencies and educational institutions have met those criteria and have been recognized. SilverStone Group first received the Gold Well Workplace Award in 2000 and then again in 2003, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2014. The award is good for three years at a time.

AHA Workplace Health Achievement

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently awarded its 2018 Workplace Health Achievement Index winners and SilverStone Group received Silver-level recognition for implementing quality workplace health programs and fostering a health-minded culture. AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index scores organizations on best practices in leadership, engagement, programs, policies / environment, partnerships, communications and reporting outcomes. The Index is designed to encourage proactive health management in organizations across the country.

Governor's Excellence in Wellness Award

SilverStone Group was honored with a Governor's Excellence in Wellness Award at the Grower's level in 2016 and is renewable every three years. The Grower Award recognizes organizations that "grow the seeds of wellness" for employees. SilverStone Group was one of twenty-seven Nebraska employers being honored for their exceptional progress in improving health and increasing healthy behaviors.

Health Champion Designation

HealthChampionThis designation recognizes companies and organizations that inspire and encourage organizational well-being and is part of the American Diabetes Association's Wellness Lives Here initiative.