Success Outcome


An outdoor recreation client whose business includes golf and fishing, was having difficulty finding proper coverage for the entire facility. Prior to SilverStone Group's involvement, the client utilized two separate insurance carriers for each activity, which drastically increased their premiums, as they were paying for two different policies involving two different exposures. Definitely not a cost-effective solution for the club!

SilverStone Group analyzed their risks and brought in a carrier with the capacity to insure their entire operation under one policy, thus reducing the premium and offering more comprehensive coverage for the exposures they face day-to-day. We also conducted a site visit to perform a loss control survey, which had not been done previously. This proactive measure demonstrated SilverStone Group's dedication to staying a step ahead in the event of a claim or other incident.

This encounter was the beginning of a long-term relationship with the client, who appreciates SilverStone Group's holistic approach to risk management. Furthermore, they appreciate our expertise and intimate knowledge of the outdoor recreation industry, which separates SilverStone Group from our competition.