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“Going through the insurance renewal process every year is not my favorite thing to do, but this year started to be a little more stressful because my carrier decided to drop us after 6 years of doing business together. I decided to get quotes from 3 different sources and the hands-down winner was SilverStone Group. Dan Burke, a principal of the company, traveled from his office to mine to personally go over what SilverStone Group could offer. Immediately, I could tell that they had really done their homework to really learn what our business is and custom-design an insurance program specific to our industry and business needs. I was shocked to learn about coverage that I thought I had but didn’t and about uncovered risks that I hadn’t thought about at all. Better work comp rates will save me a lot of money, but I will spend that savings on the rest of the package they offered so that our risk is minimized in many areas. Not only have they customized their product offerings, but they already have processes outlined to work with each franchise office on claims management. Without hesitation, I recommend SilverStone Group for all insurance coverage in the senior home care industry.”

In-Home Care Franchise Owner

“My initial contact with SilverStone Group was very positive. They were professional and extremely helpful. The support is fantastic, as they responded to and continue to respond to my questions and concerns very quickly. It is beneficial for an insurance company and the client to be proactive with workers’ comp issues; SilverStone Group proved this from the beginning, with helpful hints on workers’ comp claims. Their price is less expensive than my previous insurance company and the coverage is better. They also stay on top of your mod percentage. My mod percentage decreased and so did my workers’ comp payment! This never happened with my previous insurance company. I believe SilverStone Group will always handle our account fairly and professionally and that help is just a phone call or e-mail away. I will continue to highly recommend SilverStone Group. Joe Schaffner has demonstrated that this company truly cares about its clients.”

In-Home Care Franchise Owner

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