Working with people isn't always easy.


Working with people isn't always easy.

Franchise operators deal with people issues every day. No matter what type of franchise you own, people staff your organization and people are your customers. As a franchisee, you face many potential exposures to your organization and you deserve a team of risk management professionals who work with franchisees throughout the country and know your business from the inside out. Workers’ compensation and employment practices liability are two of the most common exposures you may face in dealing with people, and you need an expert who can guide you through the complexities of a people-oriented risk management process.

SilverStone Group’s dedicated Franchise Team will work with you to assess your exposure. And once we analyze your needs, our excellent market relationships allow us to customize your program with carriers who are dedicated to insuring franchise owners. Wise employers never neglect their employees, and we never forget the people who matter in your operation. Because one of your employees’ most important needs is a safe workplace, we have dedicated, on-site staff whose specialty is worksite analysis and claims and loss management. Why do we go the extra mile for our clients? Because, like you, service is our most important goal.

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