Are you sure your business isn't toxic?


Are you sure your business isn't toxic?

An environmental loss requiring cleanup costs can financially destroy any business. Exposure to environmental risk influences more companies than those directly involved with hazardous materials, as all businesses are subject to the costs and liabilities associated with environmental exposures. Risk managers in almost every industry must proactively evaluate environmental risk concern to determine weaknesses.

SilverStone Group’s Environmental Risk Services Team focuses on providing environmental risk management and insurance services. Our role as a leader in this industry is to recognize the probable environmental risks that could face our clients, evaluate them in terms of potential seriousness and evaluate the proper risk control and financing methods.

Our skilled team members allow us to offer our clients the following services:

  • Insurance Program Assessment — This evaluation will recognize possible gaps in coverage and highlight recently developed coverage improvements that may broaden coverage. In addition, the existing Insurer’s loss control and claims servicing qualifications will be assessed.
  • Environmental Education — SilverStone Group offers industry–specific coverage outlines and claims information, providing clients with the facts that will allow them to successfully identify their environmental exposures.
  • Effective Environmental Risk Management Options — SilverStone Group will explore, select and help with the completion of alternatives that reduce the negative impacts related to environmental loss.
  • Devise New & Lucrative Environmental Insurance Answers — SilverStone Group has the skills and know-how to custom develop programs in numerous coverage areas, including:
    • Asbestos & lead paint programs
    • Blended risk solutions
    • Pollution legal liability
    • Environmental impairment liability
    • Contractor’s pollution legal liability
    • Environmental consultants professional liability
    • Cost-overrun coverage on cleanups
    • Underground storage tanks
  • Environmental Risk Detection and Examination — SilverStone Group can help clients recognize environmental exposures by organizing meetings with the staff accountable for environmental affairs, through reviewing procedures or services provided and by assessing existing environmental association programs.
  • Claims and Litigation Assistance — We offer a wide variety of environmental risk services to our clients. SilverStone Group’s experienced team of professionals provides excellent, sensible and successful solutions to clients.

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