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Shane Osborn

Project Consultant

Aviation Risk Services

Shane Osborn is a Project Consultant working in collaboration with SilverStone Group to provide assistance in the area of property and casualty insurance for the Aviation Industry. Helping others in the aviation field find the resources they need to succeed in the ever-changing aviation business is a way for him to give back to an industry that has done so much for him.

Shane has had a passion for aviation since he was four years old. And living through 28 emergency landings, including a mid-air collision with a Chinese fighter (for which he received national recognition), has done nothing to diminish his enthusiasm for flying. In fact, he believes his experiences help him understand that no matter how safe your operation may be, aviation is an inherently dangerous business — and it’s imperative for owners and pilots to have proper insurance coverage.

Shane was a U.S. Navy Instructor Pilot flying complex and often dangerous reconnaissance missions in the Far and Middle East. While serving in the Navy, Shane gained valuable safety and risk management experience as a Quality Assurance Officer and Instructor Pilot for the largest U.S. Navy flight squadron.  Shane works to aid clients in creating custom-designed solutions tailored to their individual needs, finding the best products available at the most competitive pricing.

Shane was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for courage and superb airmanship and the Meritorious Service Medal for leadership of his crew during their 12 days of imprisonment by Chinese Authorities. He is a frequent speaker at both national and local events, the author of the best-selling book Born to Fly and on the Board of directors for Community Health Charities of Nebraska.

More recently, Shane founded and is the current Chairman for the Nebraska Soldiers Foundation, dedicated to those who have and are presently serving. To date, the foundation has raised over $1 million to help servicemen and women returning from the war on terror cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was elected as Nebraska State Treasurer from 2007-2010 where he led the country in government transparency efforts. His determination to streamline operations and implement modern technologies throughout state government led to him reducing his budget 12% during his 4-year term. Shane was also elected as President of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators during his term and served on the National Association of State Treasurer’s executive council. Shane was chosen for the Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership as one of 24 of the nation’s most promising young political leaders. In Shane’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his new wife and their four children.

Professional Certifications

  • Commercial Rated Pilot’s License (Types L-188 & C-12/BE200)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln  |  Lincoln, NE

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