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Family Office Services

Our holistic approach to high-net-worth management.

Historically, to manage their holdings, the nation’s wealthiest families have maintained family offices staffed by full-time accountants, tax attorneys and financial advisors. Today, SilverStone Group offers high-net-worth families a variation on that theme with “virtual” family office services.

Staffed by SilverStone Group professionals, your virtual family office can provide the budgeting, tax planning, investment counseling, insurance, retirement planning, charitable giving and estate planning services typically provided by a traditional family office, at a fraction of the cost. This service is ideally suited to retirees, widows and beneficiaries, who are always kept apprised and remain in control of all financial decisions.

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Our Family Office Services Team:

Shirley Keen

Vice President

Shirley loves to make beautiful quilts. The process of piecing together small, unrelated swatches of fabric to make an integrated, finished product is a lot like…

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