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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker?

SilverStone Group knows that finding an industry-leading speaker can be instrumental in the success of your conference, annual meeting or special event. Our Associates our well-versed in a number of areas, including Human Capital, Group Benefits, Investment Consulting and Property & Casualty. For a complete list of the topics we are available to address, contact Public Relations at publicrelations@ssgi.com.


Healthcare Cyber Liability – What You Have and Haven’t Heard
Complimentary Webinar
Friday, May 2, 2014  |  12 pm - 1 pm
Healthcare organizations hold a great deal of confidential data such as protected health information, social security numbers, bank account information and much more.  Breaches of this information can occur from hackers or even from the organization’s own employees or vendors.  John Marshall and Torri Criger will cover what healthcare leaders need to know about cyber security and cyber liability. They will discuss common causes of a breach and how to lessen the impact of a cyber event. This presentation will provide participants with a unique perspective of what cyber insurance does and, more importantly does not cover; common gaps in cyber insurance coverage; and proactive steps organizations can take to reduce their exposure to cyber events.