Strategic Planning

Let us help you create the vision for your company's future. Request a complimentary consultation below!


Let us help you create the vision for your company's future. Request a complimentary consultation below!

Strategic Planning
Many organizations have a wide range of competing priorities and struggle to organize as well as align those goals into a strategic advantage. At SilverStone Group, our facilitation and strategic planning experts assist organizations in crafting their vision and implementation plans from one year up to 20+ years.

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Strategic planning is a valuable process that helps management teams define where they want their organization to go and how to get there. SilverStone Group offers guidance for planning successful sessions and teaches practical methods that can help ensure the proper individuals are held accountable for follow-through and execution. As an additional resource, we also provide an online strategic planning implementation platform, DestinationForward®, for use throughout the life cycle of the strategic plan.


SilverStone Group's Strategic Planning Process

  • Open and transparent
  • Linked to business strategies
  • Compatible with the organization’s culture and values
  • Led by top management’s commitment and involvement
  • Keyed to future strategic capabilities
  • Based on substantive research data
  • Includes long-term accountability

In its simplest form, strategic planning systems delineate the long- and short-term strategies for the achievement of the mission and vision in alignment with organizational values. The following process, while flexible and adaptable to your needs, will also guide your organization and its stakeholders through a process that will help promote an actionable and accountable multi-year plan. Strategic planning can be approached from many different directions using various planning models. Our approach is based on business modeling and visioning blended with strategic and tactical planning. However, based on the initial planning sessions, we are prepared to implement other approaches to reach the desired outcome.

SilverStone Group’s strategic planning and implementation process is:


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