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Investment Services

Objective investment advice to help you balance risk, return and employee expectations.

SilverStone Group helps clients develop unique investment strategies designed to meet specific objectives. We provide independent investment consulting and plan services for qualified retirement plans, including identifying the most efficient allocation across asset classes and investment managers. We also help clients with the fiduciary responsibilities of administering their plans. The result is a well-managed plan, based on objective financial advice, that meets your goals while delivering the best possible balance of risk and expected return.

We believe employee knowledge and understanding are essential to successful retirement planning. SilverStone Group conducts employee meetings to educate your staff about how their plan works, how to determine specific retirement goals and how to plan for their financial futures. One-on-one consulting is also available for more personalized assistance.

The world of investments is becoming more confusing. Individuals and retirement plan fiduciaries are bombarded with myriad choices–with every investment manager claiming his or her plan is best. How in the world can you choose? Relax. SilverStone Group can help. We offer objective, financial advice to help clients find the most efficient allocation across asset classes and investment managers. With a wide variety of investment options available, we have the knowledge needed to customize an investment plan that will meet your specific needs. Let us guide you through the investment maze. We’re SilverStone Group and we’re here to help.

Wealth Transfer
As a successful individual, you are familiar with the hard work that goes into building and maintaining personal wealth. However, you might be surprised by how quickly estate taxes can eat up this wealth. Your assets have only three places to go: 1) Your family; 2) A charity or other designated beneficiaries; or 3) the Internal Revenue Service.

Utilizing specialized assessment methods and techniques, our ambition is to help you:

  • Create a plan to ensure proper timing, as well as adequate amounts, of distributions to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • Secure sufficient income for a spouse and/or dependents; fully utilize annual and lifetime gift exclusions; begin gifting programs to transfer assets and create financial security for children or grandchildren; establish charitable foundations.
  • Make the most of your ability to give to charity while lowering taxes and possibly increasing current income.
  • Balance distributions of estate and business interests among children working in the family business and those not active in the company; reduce or eliminate estate taxes.
  • Efficiently fund any remaining tax liability through the most cost-effective methods.

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Our Investment Services Team:

Pat Fay

Senior Advisor

If you ask Pat where he is from, he will likely tell you he is from the same town as Bob Dylan – Hibbing, Minnesota. This native Minnesotan has found his career…

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