Group Health & Welfare


With health insurance costs rising, it can be difficult for businesses to provide adequate coverage for employees. SilverStone Group can help clients stay within budget by developing benefits packages custom-designed to match their specific needs. We have the expertise to review a variety of plan options and funding alternatives and we work hard to assure that clients receive the most comprehensive, cost-effective plan possible.

PlanIT Partnership
Healthcare benefits are an important part of any organization's overall benefits package. SilverStone Group and PlanIT, Incorporated have joined forces to help clients better understand and strategically manage the performance of their group health plan.

Through our proprietary healthcare data analysis, reporting and benefit modeling services, our clients have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the underlying issues driving their healthcare costs. Our comprehensive service package includes HPI-Dashboard, HPI-Analytics and the HPI-BeneCalculator.

Wellness Plans
At SilverStone Group, we don't just tell our clients about wellness plans, we practice what we preach. We received the Gold Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America for the third year in a row and we utilize Limeade as part of our wellness regimen. Our Wellness Activities Group promotes a variety of fun and healthy activities for our Associates. So when we design a wellness plan to help your organization become a healthy workplace, we're speaking from experience. Let us help you find the wellness program your organization needs to get out there and get healthy!

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