Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning Facilitation
Strategic planning is a valuable process that helps management teams define where they want their organization to go and how to get there. Our Human Capital Consulting (HCC) division has provided facilitators for strategic planning sessions and department/corporate retreats since 1994. We offer guidance for planning successful sessions and teach practical methods to ensure that the proper individuals are held accountable for follow-through and execution.

Our HCC facilitators are available to direct each session and provide the following:

  • An agenda that addresses objectives & expected outcomes
  • Facilitation approaches that produce results & keep the group on task & on time
  • A record keeping process
  • A report that summarizes major actions for implementation

Throughout the strategic planning session, our consultants help your team to:

  • Develop/refine your organization’s mission or vision
  • Fine-tune & confirm your organizational values & principles
  • Create goals & strategic directions that are clear, concise, meaningful & achievable & also support your mission, values & principles
  • Develop an action plan for creating impact
  • Design an accountability system for effective follow-through

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