Performance & Talent Management


Money only goes so far when it comes to rewarding employees, this video addresses critical motivators to keep employees cognitively engaged and driven.


At the start of an engagement, some clients prefer that we conduct a holistic review of their entire performance and talent management system to help surface major opportunities for improvement or change. Much like a General Practitioner, our consultants examine the overall health of a client’s human capital processes and systems as well as the functioning of its individual components and how they relate to one another.

These components include all of an organization’s processes and policies which influence employee or team-based performance, including compensation and rewards strategies, criteria for promotion and advancement, systems for tracking and monitoring performance, training and development programs, organizational reporting relationships and manpower/staffing plans.

Our focus is on providing tactical, practical recommendations and deliverables, including:

  • Defining measurable job responsibilities & objectives for each employee
  • Helping clients communicate any changes in standards, expectations & performance criteria to their employees
  • Partnering with the client to update job descriptions & performance appraisals to reflect changes in responsibilities or objectives
  • Adapting training programs & development plans to help employees meet performance goals
  • Creating compensation/incentive programs that drive performance & providing objective information for planning merit increases, bonuses & promotions
  • Training supervisors on how to monitor performance against development plans & communicate effectively on performance-related matters

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