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Leadership Development
In-depth assessments, development plans and coaching are not just for individuals. Our Human Capital consultants design development programs that help entire leadership teams lead and engage their workforce. We customize the curriculum for each client. Program topics can be generated through upfront data-gathering, interviews and/or focus groups or, alternatively, the client may already have a thorough understanding of the development areas to be addressed and the curriculum is designed around those specific needs.

All Leadership Development programs are available in a traditional classroom-style setting. However, we also offer supplemental online courses to enhance and reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. Each workshop is highly interactive and designed so that the knowledge and skills learned may be immediately applied in the workplace.

Gini Collins discusses the importance of creating a powerful and collaborative team in the modern workplace. Examples are used to demonstrate how a team can accomplish more than an individual. She notes the importance of understanding when to make a decision individually, and when to utilize the group mentality.

High-functioning teams can lead to improved problem solving, better decision-making, more efficient coordination and improved morale and motivation. Not all teams are high-functioning, however. Building effective teams comprised of individuals with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and skill sets is a major challenge for any organization. Moreover, maximizing the respective skill sets and knowledge of individual team members is difficult.

SilverStone Group’s Human Capital consultants coach clients on how to build high-functioning teams. From member selection to lessons in effective problem solving and collaboration, we help teams start off on the right foot. For established teams that may be struggling, we also provide interventions that are designed to align members’ goals, minimize conflict and enhance collaboration. Training formats vary based on a client’s needs, from one-hour sessions to two-day outdoor teambuilding retreats.

360 Review Process
Todd Foje, CEO of Great Plains Communications, discusses their work with our Human Capital Division and the 360 Review Process. 

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