Executive Development: Assessments & Coaching


For seasoned executives, an in-depth assessment can place an objective and fresh lens on their role, performance and overall impact within your organization. The assessment process has the power to generate new insights with the potential to energize, as well as create concrete opportunities for continued professional and personal growth.

Our Human Capital consultants begin by identifying the client’s and the participant’s objectives and expected outcomes from the assessment. We then collect quantitative and qualitative feedback on the competency areas that have been shown to be relevant to executive success. This data is gathered from multiple sources, including superiors, peers, direct reports and clients. A psychological and cognitive assessment is used to identify the traits and characteristics that have been found to contribute to success in the work environment.

Once our consultants analyze this data and extract key insights, we share the results and feedback privately with each participant. We then work with each executive to formulate a development plan that builds on his/her identified strengths and addresses potential opportunities for growth.

360° Feedback Surveys
Our Human Capital Services team provides standardized 360° assessment surveys, as well as customized feedback surveys that fit a client’s unique competency model. Our consultants manage the distribution of the surveys as well as the collection of data to ensure anonymity and accuracy. Finally, we analyze the results and create recommendations for development. Although these types of surveys are typically conducted within the context of an executive assessment engagement, we can also develop customized 360° surveys as a discrete project.

Collaborating with an executive coach can maximize the potential for development and add value to the assessment process. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, one-on-one coaching may be recommended to facilitate growth in certain areas. In-person meetings are conducted in order to address developmental strengths, needs and targeted concerns and to track and modify the executive’s development plan. In addition, our consultants are available on an as-needed basis to help facilitate the integration of effective behaviors and approaches.

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