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Competency Identification & Development
Although not a new concept, competency modeling has recently received renewed and increasing support in the Human Resource field. The traditional definition of competency is an underlying characteristic of an individual or team that can be shown to predict effective or superior performance in a job or situation.

The identification of competencies at each level -- total organization, business unit, department, and individual -- lays the foundation for sound human resource processes. Once created, competency lists are highly valuable and our Human Capital consultants help clients leverage them in a variety of ways including:

  • Customizing human resources processes, particularly selection
  • Creating tools & reports for assessing performance
  • Updating job descriptions
  • Adapting surveys & development plans to reflect the competencies identified
  • Creating competency-based career development & succession strategies
  • Developing or customizing training programs to reinforce competency models

Human Capital Research
As Industrial & Organizational Psychologists, we work toward advancing the science of organizational dynamics and human capital consulting whenever possible. This scientific body of knowledge may include the development of valid and reliable tools for selecting targeted roles for employees, the identification of causal connections between work environment characteristics and productivity, and predictors of success in various roles in specific industries. The following is just a sample of some of our recent research topics and presentations:

  • Identifying High Potentials
  • Identifying Predictors of Expatriate Performance Using Multiple Raters
  • Work/Family Balance & Organizational Commitment: Identifying Relationships
  • The Effects of Education Level & Gender on Achievement Motivation

Our human capital research experts will customize research to your specific questions and needs while ensuring that the methodology and research process adhere to the highest statistical standards.

Other Services
Finally, our Human Capital Consulting Team, in collaboration with our network of external project consultants, can also provide expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Branding/Marketing
  • Business Analysis & Valuation
  • Career Transition/Outplacement Services
  • Home-Based Workforce Development
  • HR Information Systems

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