Human Capital Consulting

Helping clients maximize the power of their people.


Helping clients maximize the power of their people.

For most companies, human capital is one of their most valuable assets, yet few have a cohesive strategy for optimizing its performance. We believe that optimizing the performance of your people leads to optimal business performance, as well as reduced financial and legal risk.

The consultants within SilverStone Group’s rapidly growing Human Capital Consulting (HCC) division have extensive experience in organizational development issues, from leadership development and executive coaching to compensation plan design and compliance reviews.

Although we recommend a comprehensive, integrated approach to human capital strategy, our HC consultants are also skilled in helping clients tackle specific questions, including:

  • Do we have the right people in the right positions?
  • How can we enhance the leadership effectiveness of a top executive?
  • How do we minimize conflict & encourage collaboration within our executive team & throughout the organization?
  • How do we establish compensation & incentive strategies that are competitive yet also drive business performance?
  • What tools, other than compensation, can we leverage to retain our star players?
  • Do we have talent in place to ensure our future?
  • Are our employees engaged in their work & the success of our business?

SilverStone Group’s HCC division has grown and evolved with our clients’ needs. We have built a vast network of external project consultants with specific skills and expertise in order to expand our service offerings, including the areas of business analysis, valuation, branding and marketing strategy.

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