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Threat assessment is a structured group process used to evaluate the risk posed by another person, typically as a response to an actual or perceived threat or concerning behavior. Workplace violence is an unpleasant topic that many people try to avoid. However, news of mass shootings and other violent events have saturated the media in recent years and forced the American public to pay attention. The growing media spotlight on this issue has also spurred more oversight by regulatory agencies and initiated the development of policies and protocols to help prevent threatening behavior and violence within the workplace. This article takes a closer look at threat assessment and management with a specific focus on the suggested best practices outlined in ASIS/SHRM WVPI.1-2011. This is part two of our three-part review of workplace violence.

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The unfortunate presence of violence in the workplace is not likely to subside in the near future. Approximately two million American workers are affected by some form of workplace violence each year.1 In extreme cases, it may manifest itself in an ideology-driven active shooter scenario, such as those recently experienced in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino. Other more likely cases may include impulsive or directed actions toward an identifiable target because of a real or perceived threat or grievance, or actions related to dating and domestic violence or stalking. Some cases could potentially be entirely random acts, or the result of a robbery or another criminal attempt. This is part one of our three-part review of workplace violence.

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