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Kathy Kemler

Executive Compensation & Incentive Plans

Human Capital Project Consultant

Kathy Kemler is a Project Consultant working in collaboration with SilverStone Group to provide assistance in the areas of executive compensation and incentive plan design. For more than 20 years, Kathy has been a human resource executive for First Data Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, where she has served in a variety of positions providing strategy and design for compensation initiatives and, most recently, talent management.

Kathy’s approach to compensation design has always been to understand the goals of the organization and then tie rewards directly to the desired behavior or results that accomplish these goals. Kathy has designed a variety of incentive plans, including company-wide bonus plans that align employees to the goals of the organization through appropriate line of sight, as well as individual and group employee incentive plans to drive specific behaviors. Kathy listens to the needs of the client, understands their goals and then recommends compensation plans that drive results.

As Vice President of Executive and Equity Compensation, Kathy prepared and presented detailed materials for the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors and designed various stock plans for employees and executives, ensuring that the values issued were commensurate with the job level. By understanding company culture and market data, Kathy has developed a variety of salary structures to fit the needs of various organizations. She establishes clear communication tools for the employees because she understands that when employees do not believe their pay is fair, employee satisfaction is decreased.

Although the majority of Kathy’s career has been in compensation design and delivery, her most recent position was as Vice President of Talent Development, where she developed and executed a succession management strategy to meet the needs of the complex, fast-growing, multi-national business. In this position, she also developed competencies to align with the company’s new mission, vision and values. She enjoys working one-on-one with individuals to interpret their behavior and personality assessments while coaching them into a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Kathy has proven success in leading, managing and directing professionals to results. She is a member of the Human Resources Association of the Midlands and World at Work. She is active in her community and enjoys volunteering at her church and her children’s school.

Professional Titles

  • Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)

Master of Science  |  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
University of Nebraska-Omaha  |  Omaha, NE

Bachelor of Science  |  Education-Communication Arts & Music
University of Nebraska-Omaha  |  Omaha, NE

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