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Our People

“In everything we do, our people make the difference.”

– John P. Nelson, Chairman & CEO

Under the guidance of the third generation of the Nelson family, SilverStone Group has created a team of more than 200 highly trained professionals with backgrounds in law, actuarial science, insurance underwriting, accounting, financial services and human resource consulting. And because these specialists are on-staff, they’re available to work directly with you, to get the answers you need when you need them.

We do not separate the duties of program design and analysis from market placement or the day-to-day service responsibilities. SilverStone Group clients enjoy the benefits of working with a consistent team of professionals who not only understand their business, but take ownership and accountability for every aspect of the relationship.

Leading each division are our Principals, who embody SilverStone Group’s vision of excellence. They are chosen for their knowledge, imagination, expertise and leadership ability, and are dedicated to the Firm’s founding principles. These leaders are resources who are available to help coworkers develop client relationships built on great service and creative thought processes. Because we practice a hands-on, team approach to our management style, on a typical day you’ll find our Principals engaged with clients or working with others to provide effective and workable solutions. That is Wisdom at Work.

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Firm Appreciation

“SilverStone Group empowers me
to achieve my goals.  Plus, they are
committed to hiring the best people
to accomplish our goal of exceeding
our client’s expectations.”

- John