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Environmental Policy

SilverStone Group’s commitment to the environment is expressed through smart energy and materials choices in its business practices:

  • A firm-wide recycling program makes it easy for employees to go green, by having a special recovery bin at each desk and relocating trash cans to centralized locations. Within these recovery bins, everything from paper to aluminum and plastic can be recycled. Through this innovative system, we have eliminated the challenge that keeps many people from recycling and made it a part of everyday living. This program significantly expands our list of acceptable recyclable materials. In a typical office building, the ratio of recoverable recyclable materials to trash is 3:1.
  • Long before going green was as popular as it is now, SilverStone Group began recycling aluminum pull tabs. Over the past five years, we’ve donated nearly 170,000 tabs to the Ronald McDonald House to benefit sick children.
  • Usage of bottled water has been discontinued and replaced with a water filtration system, saving thousands of plastic bottles a year.
  • All confidential materials are shredded and recycled by a professional service.
  • All remodeled buildings contain motion-sensing lighting to reduce energy utilization.
  • All locations have adopted “paperless” technology through implementation of the ImageRight File Retrieval system, which provides document imaging for the insurance industry. This state-of-the-art system allows us to replace paper files with electronic images. By creating a “paper-less” office, documents and information are immediately available when needed, can be shared electronically and are printed only when absolutely necessary.
  • We contribute to a healthy air quality by utilizing video conference technology, which reduces the amount of harmful, travel-related emissions.
  • Rather than discard materials, used binders and ink cartridges are donated to charitable organizations to be reused, further solidifying our commitment to the environment.

We are proud to go beyond what is expected to create sustainability in our business practices. Protecting the environment is essential and SilverStone Group is committed to achieving continual environmental excellence.

Recycling is simple and the right thing to do!

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